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lydiainhospital.jpgThank you for choosing to donate today. Remember, all donations, large or small will make a difference.

You are helping us continue to support the thousands of people in the UK affected by meningitis, and to continue our campaign to introduce the MenB vaccine.

Thank you again, on behalf of everybody who will benefit from your support.

How your support can help

The following are vital to continue our fight against meningitis

£3.00 Can help answer questions on meningitis and give support through our helpline

£5.00 Can help provide counselling to someone dealing with the impact of meningitis

£10.00 Can help to fund a family day where families struggling with the after effects of the disease can talk about and share their experiences

£10.00 would fund the 2am call to our helpline from a family whose child is in A&E with the disease and the Doctors can’t give them answers

£100 – can pay for a day’s research into preventing meningitis.

£500 - can purchase a lab computer to record and analyse crucial preventative disease research.

£3,000 – can purchase a biological microscope, to help with our ongoing and crucial research into new and improved preventative vaccines.

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You can also donate over the phone. Just give us a call on 01453 768000 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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You can also donate from your phone. Text MNow10 to 70070 with the amount you’d like to donate.

Eg. “MNow10 £5’ to donate £5 or ‘MNow10 £10 ‘ to donate £10