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The Spencer Dayman Meningitis Research Programme

Since the mid 1980s when the meningitis movement in the UK was started by Steve Dayman following the death of his son, Spencer, Meningitis Now (formed by the merger of Meningitis UK and Meningitis Trust) has funded more than £12m of vital research.  

We are proud to have been involved in supporting the development and introduction of all of the meningitis vaccines now in the National Immunisation Programme.

researcher looking into a microscope

Research is essential to improve our understanding of all aspects of meningitis and septicaemia. At present, research centres across the UK and around the world are working on projects that aim to increase our understanding of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and outcomes of these devastating diseases.

Access to this research means that we are able to keep up to date with developments both in the UK and worldwide. This helps us to provide recent and relevant disease information materials and educational resources.

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