There are many types of the meningitis for which there is still no vaccine. Help us to continue vital research. 

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We are committed to raising awareness of meningitis and the work that we do, in everything we do. Whether you are looking for more information for you and your family, or you would like to help us raise awareness in your community we have lots of information to help.

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Please note these booklets were produced before we changed our name to Meningitis Now. All the information in the booklets is correct and up-to-date.

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Technology is moving forward, and so are we. Meningitis signs and symptoms information is available on:

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What’s available to you?

You can download our resources, order literature online, or ask us to send you a copy 01453 768000. If you need large numbers of resources simply complete our online order form or download the PDF.

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pdf Signs and symptoms cards – we know these save lives! 

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doc_pdf.jpgMeningitis can affect anyone

Support for life cvr
doc_pdf.jpg Support for life

Home from hospital

Bereavment following meningitis
Bereavement following meningitis

doc_pdf.jpg Your guide - recovering from childhood bacterial meningitis and septicaemia - produced by Meningitis Now (formerly Meningitis Trust) and Meningitis Research Foundation

Meningitis and childhood deafness – produced by the National Deaf Children’s Society in association with Meningitis Now (formerly Meningitis Trust)

Fact sheets

doc_pdf.jpg Meningococcal disease – the factsFact sheet cover image
doc_pdf.jpg Pneumococcal meningitis– the facts
doc_pdf.jpg Meningitis vaccines – the facts
doc_pdf.jpg Tuberculous (TB) meningitis – the facts
doc_pdf.jpg Viral meningitis – the facts
doc_pdf.jpg Neonatal meningitis - the facts
doc_pdf.jpg Learning and development concerns after meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia
doc_pdf.jpg Benefits fact sheet
doc_pdf.jpg Grants fact sheet
doc_pdf.jpg Complementary therapies fact sheet
doc_pdf.jpg Meningitis Now Support services fact sheet




'Watch, Share, Act’ DVD

A great resource for anyone raising awareness about meningitis and septicaemia. Provides, real case stories, awareness about signs and symptoms, and information about the work we do.

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Meningitis Now is the new name for Meningitis UK and the Meningitis Trust. Our goals remain the same – saving lives and rebuilding futures.

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Call our nurse-led helpline on 0808 80 10 388. Through language line, calls can be translated into over 170 languages. We can also supply a word document suitable for translation explaining meningitis and its signs and symptoms. Contact the team

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