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After-effects of meningitis

Most people who have meningitis make a good recovery, but some may suffer after-effects, which usually happen because of damage to various areas of the brain. After-effects can range from mild to more serious and disabling. 

Viral meningitis 

While viral meningitis is rarely life threatening, recovery can be slow and after-effects may be long lasting. Many sufferers can feel that their illness is taken less seriously and the after-effects they suffer are not always acknowledged.

After-effects can include headaches, tiredness, depression, memory loss, and concentration problems.

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Bacterial meningitis

After-effects and complications are more common following bacterial meningitis. Around 15% of sufferers are left with serious disabilities which can often be complicated and require on-going support for life. Many more survivors will suffer a range of short-term or less serious problems, some may be immediately obvious while others can become evident over time.

Hearing loss

Sight problems

acquired brain injury

Learning changes

Emotional changes

After effects of septicaemia



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