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Home from hospital

Leaving hospital after meningitis can be a worrying time and it is understandable that you might feel anxious about returning home.

It is natural you will have questions and concerns about the recovery process but because we are here no-one has to suffer alone.

We can offer life-changing services including financial grants, support close to where you live, creative therapies and one-to-one support. We can also arrange a home visit from one of our team.

Our helpline is available to answer your questions and offer advice where, when and however it is needed. Our dedicated community team work across the UK, providing vital support in your area, where, when and however it is needed. 

What you should be offered when you leave hospital

All health professionals should be aware that after-effects of meningitis aren't always present straight away. Don't forget you can speak to your GP about any concerns about your recovery.

Anyone leaving hospital after meningitis should be given an individual plan for future treatment and care, as well as being made aware of what support is available.

Don't forget:  

  • Ask for information and contact details for further care and patient support.
  • The hospital should tell your GP, health visitor and school nurse (for children) that you have had meningitis.
  • It is vital that a hearing test is done within four weeks of the patient being well enough to test, because hearing loss is the most common after-effect of meningitis. 
  • Everyone should be offered a follow-up appointment around four to six weeks after leaving hospital. This is to discuss how the recovery process is going and any potential complications you might be concerned about.

If you've got more questions

You can download our Home from hospital leaflet, just click on the icon below.

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And don't forget our helpline - we are here whenever you need us - you can call us or send us an email.

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Levana lost her legs after contracting meningitis.


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