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Don’t wait for a rash

A rash will not always appear with meningitis. A rash is a sign of blood poisoning and it can be one of the last symptoms to be displayed. If and when it does, it could be too late.

Meningitis and septicaemia can kill within hours. We are urging people, don't wait for a rash.

We are concerned to find that 5.3 million adults in the UK cannot name a single symptom of meningitis.

Please help us spread the word and encourage everyone you know to get lifesaving information.

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Help save lives - tell people 'don't wait for a rash'

Charlie McDermott.jpg

When she was seven weeks old Charlie was diagnosed with meningitis. For three weeks her parents watched helplessly as the fluid was drained from her brain and she underwent a number of operations.

After two months in hospital, Charlie was able to go home but had after-effects including epilepsy, immune deficiency and brain damage. Now, some time on, Charlie is doing really well. We were there for Charlie and her family. We want to be there for other families too.


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