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can meningitis cause speech problems


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hi my daughter had menijitis when she was 9 months old shes now 2yrs old and a few concerns with her regarding bahaveral problems, she has alot of temper tantrums and screaming all the time she still wont talk she says 2 words thats it still very clingy an has been sufferin wih seperation anxiety still hates people and this happened from the hospital stay and all the nurses doctors was to much for her and im still having alot of problems with her and my health visitor dne her 2 yr check and said that going to refer her to sit in a room wth doctors ie predtritions etc to access her i did say thats not going to happen as with health vistor in her own home my daughter was cinging onto me for dear life she is very clumsy i say she doesnt walk like a 2 yr old i even had a parent say to her child that my daughter has not long learnt to walk this was other week is this normal and now im really concerned now my hv is refering does menijitis effect speech ??

Posted on 14-11-2012 at 10:41 PM
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RE: can meningitis cause speech problems

Yes, meningitis can sometimes affect speech and can be a cause of behavioural problems in children. We support many families who have children with similar problems and are here to help.
I have sent you a personal message.

Helpline and Information Manager
Meningitis Trust

Posted on 15-11-2012 at 10:19 AM

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