Believe and Achieve: the plans continue

27th October 2017

Becky, Meningitis Now's Believe and Achieve Programme Co-ordinator, has been working on some exciting developments.

Fight for Now - Believe and Achieve

I have a feeling I’m going to be saying this a lot. Every week we’re developing the Believe and Achieve programme so that when we launch it will fit what people need and also support people in reaching their goals. Dream big!

This week I’ve had meetings and have been working on what the evaluation forms will look like, putting together some ideas for the design of materials and chatting to others who have run similar programmes. Cheryl Brown and I have also had a day with flip-chart paper and serious faces trying to develop some details for the programme, including possible slogans. 

On Tuesday I met a new member of our steering group. The group is to meet twice a year (with a possible extra four meetings a year maybe over Skype) and includes two people with personal experiences of meningitis, a trustee and two independent experts who’ve worked with similar programmes. 

But we have a snag.

We need one or two more young people to be on the steering group. We want someone who is a Young Ambassador, as this programme is to support lots of people and we want to make sure that includes Young Ambassadors. You have been part of every aspect of this programme so far and we’re adamant this should continue. If the steering group is something you want to find out more about then please get in touch asap.

I loved the responses with your fun facts and Halloween last week so my question of this week is… Have you got Netflix? I’ve recently got it and I don’t know where to start. What should I be watching, or should I be ignoring it and stick with a weekly diet of Bake Off and any old movie I can find?