Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A staff member Becky Hartwell

Less than 24 hours to go...

Becky Hartwell 30th May 2018

Our first Believe & Achieve Day takes place tomorrow and we’re doing the last of the shopping and getting all the things ready

B&A workshop

Held on Thursday 31 May 2018 at The Pavilion in Cheltenham, the day is on Dealing with Stress and Coping with Change and we’re trying to follow our own thoughts on this and not get too stressed!

I’m having flashbacks to the job interview I had for the Believe & Achieve Coordinator. There was a lot of stress that day; I nearly tripped so many times and I was shaking as I tried to take sips from my water during my presentation. 

If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late - sign up now! But don’t worry if you can’t come because this won’t be the last Believe & Achieve Day. There will lots of opportunities to get involved in Believe & Achieve in the future, including our 18-25 weekend. Get in contact with us if you want to find out more about anything we’re doing, even if it’s to have a conversation about what you’re up to and if there is anyone doing the same.

If you feel you’ve missed out on the day or want to know about how you can deal with stress or cope with change then there will be resources available online after the event.

Keep an eye on the Believe & Achieve pages - there are new things going up all the time.

Sign up for our Dealing with Stress and Coping with Change workshop.