Putting off that doctors appointment?

16th December 2015

Christmas is a busy time of year and you probably have a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm…the phrase ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ springs to mind, but there are some things you really shouldn’t put off

PHE ACWY letterbox
The ACWY vaccine is one of them.

No one enjoys visiting the doctors, especially when it’s for an injection, but it could save your life. 

Up to 25% of students carry bacteria that can cause meningitis and 12% of all cases of bacterial meningitis occur in 14-24 year olds. 

Increased Christmas partying, cold weather, winter flu’s, lack of sleep, and the stresses of studying, mean that your immune system can be weakened, causing a peak in meningitis cases over the winter months.

Sounds like now is the time to make that all important phone call. 

But remember, the ACWY won’t protect against all strains of meningitis so make sure you know the signs and symptoms – don’t wait for a rash.

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