Meningitis Now recognises that the welfare of all children is paramount and that all children and young people, regardless of ability or culture, have equal rights of protection. We have a duty of care to do everything we can to provide a safe and caring environment when children and young people attend our activities or access support services

BandA - Letterbox - Safeguarding

Meningitis Now has a children protection policy and procedures to which all staff and volunteers are expected to work. This includes the following steps:

  • All staff undergo Disclosure and Barring Service checks as appropriate for their role (equivalent in Scotland and Northern Ireland) and references are taken to ensure staff suitability.
  • Staff and volunteers are supervised and supported in their work.
  • Staff and volunteers receive awareness and/or training in children protection at a level appropriate for their role.
  • All staff, volunteers, children and parents are able to raise concerns about poor or dangerous practice.
  • Where events are arranged, Meningitis Now carries out a thorough risk assessment of the venue and activities.

If you are concerned about a child or young person at one of our events or during an activity, or you’re concerned about the conduct of any of our staff or volunteers, please talk to a member of staff as soon as possible. At events, our staff and volunteers usually wear orange Meningitis Now T-shirts or hoodies. All Meningitis Now staff will also be wearing a Meningitis Now name badge. 

If we are concerned that a child or young person may be at risk, we have a duty to share our concerns with the appropriate person or agency. Where possible, we will discuss our concerns with parents/carers first. However, there may be some circumstances that do not allow us to do this and in these cases, we will pass on concerns immediately to the relevant agency.

If you have any questions about our safeguarding statement please contact us by email  or call 01453 768 000.

Information for young people

Keeping safe

Meningitis Now is committed to your safety. We take many steps to ensure the activities and support we provide for you are helpful and safe. However, we also need your help by:

  • Being kind to other children and young people.
  • Telling a responsible adult if another adult or young person is doing something which makes you unhappy or hurts you.
  • Being aware of how to keep yourself safe, especially on the internet.
  • Letting us know if there is something you are not happy about on our website or Facebook pages.
  • Letting us know if there is something you are not happy about during your contact with us. 

Contacting us if you aren't happy

  • At our events, you can do this by speaking directly to one of our staff. Our staff and volunteers will usually be wearing an orange Meningitis Now T-shirt or hoodie. All Meningitis Now staff will also be wearing a Meningitis Now name badge.
  • You can also contact us via phone or email after an event or activity by calling our head office on 01453 768 000 or emailing

If you are ever in a situation where you are concerned about your own or another person’s immediate safety, call 999 for help

More information to keep you safe

Childline: Visit for help, support and advice about a wide range of issues or telephone 0800 1111.

Keeping safe online: Visit