B&A Day: Cookery

Are you, or is someone you know, aged 17-25 and been affected by meningitis? If so, our Believe & Achieve Day is for you

B&A Day Cookery
  • When: Saturday 2 September 2023, 10.30am - 4.00pm
  • Where: Cheshire Cookery School, near Manchester
  • Who: 17-25year olds directly or indirectly affected by meningitis 
  • What: B&A Day: Cookery 

Have you watched bake off and wish you could make your cakes rise higher? Are you starting university or moved away and needed to cook for yourself while keeping costs down? Maybe you want to make a special meal for someone and show off your skills. Our Believe & Achieve day can help you develop skills in cooking as we exist under a cost-of-living crisis. You’ll learn some basic cookery skills in a safe space while also having fun. 

The day is free to attend, and we’ll also provide lunch (you’ll be cooking it!) and pay travel expenses*. Need to break up the journey? Have a chat with us about an additional budget for an overnight hotel stay. We can provide any extra support you may need on the day, and you're welcome to attend the full day or just part of it. You can bring a friend with you too.

Like the sound of this event? If so email Becky at: Believe&Achieve@meningitisnow.org fopr more info or sign-up below.

“Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful day. I had an amazing time seeing everyone and taking part in all the activities. It was fantastic I didn't want it to end!” Lucy

*We can cover expenses up to £100 per person. Please have a chat to the team if you are unable to travel within this budget but would still like to attend.

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