B&A Evening - Manchester

If you're aged between 14 - 25, have been affected by meningitis and want to chat to others with similar experiences, we have the event for you 

Believe & Achieve B&A Social workshop - London

Key info

Date: Friday 10 January 2020
Location: Ancoats area, Manchester
Time: 5.30pm - 9.00pm

Do you want to meet others your age who have had meningitis, or been impacted by it, but want to do it in a relaxed way?

Do you hate January and the weird post-Christmas feelings it gives you? Are you close to exams and worried or anxious?

Have you been asked about your career plans so many times that you've run out of ways to answer?

Our B&A Evening can help

This is a place to meet others, play games, eat great food, learn ways to de-stress and get info from professionals on lots of things. We'll practice some mindfulness too.

There's no pressure on a B&A Evening. If you can't get there at 5.30 or have to leave before 9.00, then that's ok. Bring a friend and let us pay your travel costs too* - it's a free event!

If you want to bring your UCAS form, CV, job advert, revision books, a health and fitness plan or anything else, then let us know so that we can get prepared too.

"I really recommend and advise people who have had an experience with meningitis who have been coming to terms with it, to sign up to the next one of these events. You won't be disappointed; the fact we all have the one thing in common is what brings us all together as a group." - Ryan


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Email Becky at Believe&Achieve@meningitisnow.org.

*We can cover travel expenses up to £100 per person. Please have a chat with the team if you are unable to travel within this budget but would still like to attend. If you need overnight accommodation please contact the team at Believe&Achieve@meningitisnow.org.

Believe & Achieve Social Manchester 2020

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If you have any queries regarding registration for this event, please email believe&achieve@meningitisnow.org