B&A Online: Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace

If you're aged between 16-26, have been affected by meningitis and are thinking of starting or returning to work, this is the event for you

Meningitis Now support event - B&A Believe & Achieve Online - Reasonable Adjustments LB

Key info

Date: Monday 19 July 2021
Location: Online
Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm

*Please note - this event is now fully booked*

One of our peer mentors told us that a topic that's coming up in conversations between many of you is around starting or returning to work with an experience of meningitis and after-effects.

Also, the issues around employer expectations and what they should be providing legally was raised too. She put a poll up on the Believe & Achieve Facebook page and the need for something around this was clear.

We will have sessions on what reasonable adjustments means, what support a workplace can give and what someone might be entitled to. There will also be information around gathering credible evidence and disclosing your health to an employer. As it is Believe & Achieve, we will include a couple of activities, however, this session will be very different to our socials as it will be mainly information based. There will also be opportunities for you to share your experience of being in the workplace and the way your after-effects might have impacted you if you’re comfortable doing so. 

It will be hosted by Becky Hartwell and Caroline Lyons, one of nurses from the Helpline team, with a talk and contributions from Sarah Huntbach and her colleague from Anthony Collins, one of the charity’s corporate law partners. 

Make sure you book quickly as spaces will be limited. Although in B&A we usually cater for 14-25 year-olds, for this event we will only be accepting sign-ups from 16-26 year-olds.

"I thought the format would change the atmosphere of the event but I got the same run of emotions I get at in-person events. We got to talk through issues, be motivational and have fun without worry too." 


This event is now fully booked, however if you would like to be added to our reserve list please complete the form below and we will contact you if a place becomes available.

Got a question?

Email Becky at Believe&Achieve@meningitisnow.org.