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B&A Days are back! Love animals? Love a fun day in the outdoors? Maybe you just want to experience something new?

Meningitis Now support event - B&A Believe & Achieve Outdoors Day 2021

Key info

Date: Saturday 25 September 2021
Location: Worcester
Time: 10:30am-3:30pm

You asked, we listened! Due to popular demand, our next B&A Day will be down on the farm – focusing on sustainable farming, animal care and cooking from home grown produce.

After eighteen months of being in lockdowns and buildings you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors away from life’s pressures. On the day we will be offering you the know-how on how to grow your own produce. Watching a seed turn into something you can use is exciting, and you can take great satisfaction in eating something that you have nurtured from start to finish. And you will be around people you’ve heard about but seen only on a screen - or not at all - who have also been impacted by meningitis.

We hope to harvest some of the produce on site on the day, which we will take to the kitchen and prepare into something tasty. What we cook will depend on the produce in season at the time, but the farm are experts in making jam, pizzas, soup and so much more!

And there will be ANIMALS! We will be spending time with some of the farm’s animals and getting to know how to look after them too. And we’re not just talking about sheep, pigs and goats but bearded dragons, snakes, crickets and guinea pigs too. (Note - if you don’t want to spend time with the snakes just let us know.)

The day is free to attend, and we’ll also provide lunch and pay travel expenses*. Need to break up the journey? Have a chat with us about an additional budget for an overnight hotel stay. We can provide any extra support you may need on the day, and you're welcome to attend the full day or just part of it. You can bring a friend with you too.

We created this event as it was a popular suggestion on the event feedback forms. We hope you will join us for this exciting day!


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*We can cover expenses up to £100 per person. Please have a chat to the team if you are unable to travel within this budget but would still like to attend.

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Email us at Believe&Achieve@meningitisnow.org.