Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark for Pharmacists

Meningitis can affect anyone, of any age and can leave individuals and families coping with devastating outcomes, some of which can be fatal


Whilst there are vaccines available, they do not prevent all types of the disease and it can be a common misconception that it is a disease of the past. However, in the UK there are still thousands of cases reported each year.

As a Pharmacist, you have a valuable role to play in raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis and helping people maximise the benefit of the national immunisation programme to reduce incidence of the disease. Within your community, there are people who are living with the after effects of meningitis and you can play an important part in supporting them. 

We have developed an e-learning tool to assist you in providing information and reassurance in your locality and invite you to complete the modules and gain the ‘Meningitis Aware’ recognition mark. Going forward you will have the opportunity to remain informed of disease trends and data in addition to accessing a wealth of resource from us. 

Thank you very much for taking part, please sign up below. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email, you can access the e-learning from there.

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