Meningitis - know the symptoms

Knowing the signs and symptoms of meningitis could save a life

Know the symptoms
At Meningitis Now, we are helping parents to know how to spot the early signs of this life-threatening disease. Meningitis and septicaemia can strike fast and early symptoms can easily be mistaken for a simple cold or another common illness. By downloading our free mobile app or symptoms cards you’ll save precious time by knowing what to look for and be more confident to act fast.

Sadly for many parents, the first time they encounter meningitis is when their child has been admitted to hospital and being told they are seriously ill and may die. Parents like Freya, Helen and Katy have experienced meningitis and septicaemia in their children first-hand, and know better than anyone why carrying signs and symptoms information with you at all times is so important.

Knowing the signs and symptoms to look out for, trusting your instincts and getting medical help as early as possible can save lives.

Know the symptoms

Meningitis can affect anyone at any time, but under 5s, young people and over 55s are at an increased risk. Learn more about signs and symptoms or contact our free nurse-led helpline.

Meningitis Now raises awareness, funds research and supports those living with the effects of meningitis. But we can’t continue this vital work without the support of people like you. Please, make a donation today.

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