Peer support

After meningitis some people can feel lonely and isolated. We’re developing new ways of putting people in touch with others who have been affected by meningitis

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Peer Support

There are a number of ways we can put you in contact with other people who have had an experience of meningitis. Some of the families and individuals we support find it useful to be in contact with someone who has been through a similar experience, or has faced similar challenges following meningitis. 

Meeting others

Our Community Support Officers hold Peer Support sessions throughout the year across the country. These sessions provide:

  • An opportunity for people to come together to support one another
  • A place for people to receive and share useful information
  • A fun day out with other families

They come in different formats, depending on the needs of the people in that area and your Community Support Officer will be able to give you up-to-date information on what is happening locally. We can also arrange for you to be put in touch with another individual who has had a similar experience to you. This can be done on the phone, by email, Skype or face-to-face. This may be a short relationship or, for some, it can form a lasting bond.

Talking online

With hundreds of members Healthunlocked is a safe, lively and supportive online forum where people can share experiences of meningitis (via a blog), ask or answer questions and receive insights from people in similar situations. The information and support in this online community can really make a difference for people facing life after meningitis. Subjects include: 

  • Personal stories
  • Hospital experiences
  • Tips on all kinds of topics ranging from benefits and work advice to after-effect treatments

Specialist nurses are available on our Meningitis Helpline to provide additional support and information if you need it. 

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