DP World London Gateway

DP World London Gateway is a state-of-the-art deep-sea port and logistics park, offering flexible, fast supply chain solutions and unmatched connectivity to markets

Corporate partner DP World London Gateway letterbox

The Essex-based company manages one of the fastest growing container terminals in the world, handling goods arriving into the UK from every corner of the world. 

DP World London Gateway employs 500 people from across the South East, with a further 200 working on site for contractors providing services such as catering and security.

The decision to support Meningitis Now came in January 2014 when a "much-loved" young member of the DP World London Gateway team, who was just 20 years old, passed away quite suddenly after contracting meningitis.

In its five years of business, DP World London Gateway has raised nearly £250,000 for local causes, with nearly £85,000 of that raised for Meningitis Now through the company's annual Charity Quiz. 

"It is a pleasure to yet again be able to make a substantial donation to Meningitis Now - the charity provides people with such valuable support and resources."

"We are proud to contribute to work that makes a real impact on people's lives."

- Chris Lewis, CEO, DP World in the UK

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