Business partners

Our partnerships with businesses across the UK are helping save lives and rebuild futures torn apart by meningitis right now. You can join us and inspire your staff and the community around you

Why get involved?

Motivate staff - create pride through collectively saving lives and rebuilding futures with us.

Enhance your brand - we can help you create exciting, positive communications about working with an award-winning national charity. 

Deliver your business objectives - working with us can help you achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

Involve your local community - meningitis affects people in your area. Working with us can reach them, showing them that they are not alone. 

Save lives - awareness of meningitis and its symptoms can save lives in the future. Together we can spread the word about meningitis.

Make a difference - you’ll be helping us be here for the thousands of people whose lives have been turned upside down by meningitis, now and in the future.

Join us, it’s easy to get involved 

Fundraising Champions - target total of £1,000

Simple fundraising activities for your workplace

  • Collecting tins for your offices with free symptoms cards to give away
  • Stamp recycling
  • Foreign coin collections
  • 9 to 5 fundraising ideas for your employees and customers
  • Time 4 Tea cake sales with branded materials
Community Partners - target total of £2,500

  • Sponsor a local Meningitis Now initiative or event
  • Sponsor awareness materials or merchandise for your community
  • Team building and volunteering opportunities

Charity of the Year - target total of £5,000+

All of the above, for the whole year, plus a bit more

  • Tailored PR campaign and support
  • Corporate events 
  • Opportunity to meet families and ambassadors
  • Make a difference today

Your fundraising will make a huge difference to the lives of the people we exist for. On behalf of everyone affected, now and in the future, thank you. Contact Beth our Director of Fundraising at