My Mile of Fun

Ready, steady… let’s get started

Mile of fun

It’s so easy to organise your Mile of Fun, just follow these simple steps.

If you’ve any questions, ask our team email and we’ll do all we can to help.

1. Plan – what, when and where

Decide when and where your Mile of Fun will take place – there is no set date, it’s up to you. You will need a way of measuring your mile, use our Milometers (pedometers) or download a free app on your mobile phone, MapMyWalk for example. Staying safe is important, you can read more in our ‘checklist’ later. If the little ones are taking part, ensure you have at least one adult to every three children

2. Invite – get others to join in!

Let everyone know about your event. Tell them about your theme, or ask them to bring their own ideas. Use the poster for publicity and hand out the invitations enclosed. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp – is free and it’s a fast way to create a buzz around your event.

3. Shout – about your target and our charity 

It’s a good idea to set a fundraising goal to get everyone motivated! Tell them about Meningitis Now and how we save and change lives.

Participants could get sponsored for completing their mile.

4. Fundraise – make it easy for everyone

Create a hub for your fundraising and set up a free online fundraising page for your event at Everyday Hero. People can visit your page to ‘pay in’ their donation or sponsorship money. Even friends not taking part on the day can join in. It’s easy to do, your donations are secure and will reach Meningitis Now quickly.

5. Enjoy – and take lots of photos*

Mile of Fun is all about fun, so relax and enjoy your event. Make sure you take lots of photos to share on social media and publicise your efforts for our charity.

* Please seek permission before uploading images of children onto social media or websites.

6. Finally – make it all worthwhile

Any donations and online fundraising will instantly be transferred to Meningitis Now, so we can put it to work straightaway. For other donations and sponsorship money, it’s a good idea to set a deadline. There are clear instructions about paying in on the sponsorship forms enclosed. You can download thank you certificates for participants, writing on the fundraising total.