How to organise Splash Now

Meningitis Now fundraising event - Splash Now Turtle Tots 2021 - LB

Organising your Splash Now event couldn't be easier - you can hold your event anywhere, any time as long as it involves water.

This includes at your local swimming club, in your paddling pool or even in the sea; it's all about having fun and helping to save lives. For more inspiration, we've come up with a five step guide to help you on your way.

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  • Ask your swimming instructor if you could hold a Splash Now fundraiser during one of your lessons.
  • Invite your friends and family over for a garden party and have your little ones splash about in the paddling pool.
  • Ask your local pool if you can reserve a lane and invite your friends to join you for Splash play.

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No matter what your ability, Splash Now is for everyone. 

  • Hold the event for friends or get your swimming club, school swim team or local pool involved.
  • Don't forget, babies love water too so if you're a new parent this is a great way to get your mum and dad friends together.

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You can raise money through Splash Now in several ways. Why not:

  • Give your Splashers sponsorship forms or set up a JustGiving page. On JustGiving you will find a Splash Now event where all of our Splashers' pages will be displayed. It even includes an exciting leaderboard of our top fundraisers!
  • Charge a small entry fee to take part.
  • Hold a post splash snack sale with swimming themed treats.
  • Organise a raffle or tombola.

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Order balloons, banners and buckets from, get set up and get splashing! Just remember to stay safe and follow the points below.

  • Look after yourself, and if your youngsters are doing a long swim make sure they stretch first.
  • Also ensure they've eaten an hour or two before they swim and have plenty of drinking water available throughout.
  • Follow the rules set at your local pool and be aware of the water safety code.

Download a copy of our guide to staying safe in the water.

If you're taking photos at your event and would like to share them with us, please send them to, along with a signed consent form.

The Splash, Paddle, Move Challenge

Once you’re all set up it's time to get splashing. We’ve made some suggestions below for challenges to complete, but feel free to set your own or download the Splash Now lesson plan.


  • 100 splashes in a week using hands and feet
  • Set a target number of splash jumps to be completed in a distance
  • Swim a set distance kicking legs and making as big a splash as possible

  • Set a target number of arm pulls to be completed in a set distance
  • Swim front and / or back paddle using a buoyancy aid or float
  • Sea horses on a woggle over a set distance

  • 100 leg kicks in a week
  • Set a distance and the required number of jumps to reach it
  • Ask your splashers to set their own target - anything from 20m to 2,000m

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Once you’ve made a splash, you can pay in your donation online, or over the phone by calling 01453 768 000. Don’t forget, you can also set up a JustGiving page under the Splash Now event page and your donations will automatically come directly to us. 

If you raise £10 or more, you’ll receive an exclusive Splash Now swimming badge and certificate.