Time 4 Tea

Organising your Time 4 Tea is a piece of cake. Here's our recipe for a perfect event


Choose your day and venue

You can hold your Time 4 Tea whenever and wherever suits you best; at home, at work, at school - the choice is yours. Be sure to let us know your date at communityfundraisers@meningitisnow.org

Invite everyone

Friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. You can use our invitations, which you can download when you sign up. Why not share your event on Facebook too, and tweet about it using #time4tea?

Bake it or fake it

Now is the perfect time to showcase your baking skills; just take a look at the videos below for some inspiration. If baking isn’t your thing (or you’re strapped for time), there’s no shame in buying in some tasty treats – we won’t tell if you don’t!

Ask for donations

It’s easy-peasy lemon-squeezy; ask your guests to donate for the coffee, tea and cakes you serve. Be sure to check out our downloadable tea quiz once you've signed up to boost your fundraising, and give your guests the chance to be winners too.

Extra sprinkles

You can find all sorts of useful things to download in our Time 4 Tea Toolkit; from bunting, to cake recipes, posters, cake flags and much more. Just register below to access.