How to organise your Toddle Waddle

Toddle Waddle - Small steps make a big difference, so let's get started

Organising your Toddle Waddle couldn’t be easier! Put your best foot forward and follow these five simple steps - you’ll be Waddling in no time. 

Toddle Waddle - Step 1

You can hold your Toddle Waddle anywhere, at any time. At your local park, on the beach, in a community centre - the possibilities are endless for little feet. 

Toddle Waddle - Step 2

All children can take part, whether they are in a pushchair, a wheelchair, crawling, waddling or walking! There's no minimum distance, so go as long or as short as you like. You can hold it just for friends, or see if your nursery or club would like to get involved too.

Toddle Waddle - Step 3

Your little ones can get sponsored or you could charge a small entry fee. Check out our Fundraising Ideas page for more tips.

Toddle Waddle - Step 4

All your hard work has paid off - let's get waddling! Remember to award everyone a with medal and a certificate at the finish line. 

If you're taking photos at your event and would like to share them with us, please send them to, along with a signed consent form.

Toddle Waddle - Step 5

Well done! Thank you for completing your Toddle Waddle and helping us continue our fight against meningitis. Now all you need to do is pay in your fundraising.