Higher education

Students (aged 15-23) are the second most at risk group for meningitis. Fundraising at college or university is a great way to get everyone talking about it


Getting students involved

Your involvement can make a huge difference to lives of others.

  • Awareness saves lives - and your funds help us spread the word 
  • People are still facing the impact of meningitis alone, unaware that we exist. You can help us reach and support them
  • Meningitis is not going away anytime soon. You can help protect the lives of future generations by helping us fund much-needed research into the disease

What you can do

Crazy runs, ridiculously long bike rides, far flung treks, mammoth pub quizzes - whatever floats your boat. Fundraising for us can be great fun to do with your friends.

We have lots of pre-organised fundraising events and challenges to choose from if you don’t want to organise your own. And, if you’d rather rest your legs, getting your university to choose us as its RAG beneficiary is fantastic too. 

We can help you

Whatever you choose, there’s lots we can do to help you. 

  • Our Community Support Officers, who work across the UK, can come in and talk to you and your friends about meningitis and what we do
  • We can provide free credit-card sized symptoms cards for everyone at your college or university to keep in their purse or wallet and we can send you our free A4 students awareness poster to display in halls of residents, the campus bar, medical centre and any other noticeboards - find them in our resources

We also have free symptoms apps for smartphones. Encourage all of your mates to download today. They save lives.

Get involved

If you’d like to get your college or university involved, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our Fundraising team at fundraising@meningitisnow.org or call 01453 768 000 to find out more.