Jazmin's story

5th January 2017

Tragic toddler Jazmin was diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia on 17 November and sadly just seven hours later she lost her life and passed away at Blackburn General Hospital, surrounded by her loving family. Father Leroy talks about how Jazmin was happy, loving and the most beautiful little girl a dad could wish for


“Jazmin was so full of life, she gave me a lift that no one else could. This has totally torn my life apart but the least I can now do in her name is to fight on and raise awareness about meningitis.”

“I’ll love you always Princess Jazmin; you’re forever in our hearts. You have left a little footprint on this world but that little footprint has left a huge mark. Jazmin was our beautiful, happy daughter who always had a smile on her face. She was a healthy, delightful little child who lit up our lives. She was absolutely fine and had attended Ribblesdale Nursery School the day before she died.” 

Quieter than usual

“Thursday was supposed to be another normal day. However, I noticed Jazmin was quieter than usual, but I didn’t think anything of it.” 

“When I noticed she was a bit under the weather I phoned the health centre and they said to bring her in for an appointment at 3pm. But half an hour later, as I was changing her clothes, I noticed a little rash on her right shoulder. I immediately took her to Clitheroe Health Centre. As I was getting her out of the pram, I became aware she was floppy and had developed bruising around the ankles, as well as a further rash on the top half of her body.”

“After an initial medical inspection, the doctors rushed her to Royal Blackburn Hospital. Despite being in pain and suffering, Jazmin continued being her happy self and talking.”

Emergency treatment

“She underwent emergency treatment and had antibiotic fluids pumped into her, but we soon realised it was too late. The cruel disease had ravaged her body and despite doctors resuscitating her for 25 minutes, she died later that day.” 

Now, Leroy and Jazmin’s mother, Rebecca Eatough, of Clitheroe in Lancashire are urging the government to vaccinate all children up to the age of 11 and increase awareness of meningitis. Their aim is to prevent others suffering from the same fate.

“There is a lot to get your head round,” said Leroy. “It really is heartbreaking. Our lives will never be the same without our beautiful daughter, but if we can we aim to raise enough awareness through our own awful personal experience and save as many lives as possible. The government should act now to vaccinate all children who need it, no matter what the cost,” Leroy added. 

Thanks to the Lancashire Evening News

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