Sammi's story

22nd April 2022

Twenty-five-year-old Sammi, from Uttoxeter in Staffordshire, had been feeling under the weather but her condition took a turn for the worse, with a thunderclap of a headache. Following a dizzy spell at work she was admitted to hospital, where bacterial meningitis was diagnosed

Sammi bacterial meningitis case study

Fortunately, due to the speed of her treatment, she’s home now and ready to start her recovery process, as she tells us here.

“I thought I would write and raise awareness due to the personal experience I am currently going through.  

“Over the previous few weeks I had been generally unwell with tiredness and feeling like I had no energy.  However, on 30 March, my health took an unexpected turn for the worse.  

“I went to bed as normal but woke up in the middle of the night with a banging headache, as if someone had hit me. This headache continued all night and didn’t ease with any pain relief. 

Blacked out

“I went to work as normal on the Thursday, still feeling unwell. Unfortunately, while I was at work I had a funny turn and blacked out.  

“I was rushed to my GP, where I was suspected to have possible meningitis. 

“I was then rushed to Derby A&E where, on Friday 1 April, I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis after three brain scans and six lumbar punctures. I spent a total of 14 days in hospital.  

“I would just like to thank my work staff, family, my GP and the doctors who treated me and acted so quickly. Luckily, they were able to catch the bacterial meningitis before it could turn to septicaemia

Very lucky

Meningitis symptoms are very similar to a cold and flu in most people. I was very lucky I didn’t go home and try to sleep the headache off, as I don’t think I would be here writing this story today. 

“Acting fast is the key to save lives. Not everybody gets the rash, I didn’t!

“I’m now left with the unknown of knowing when I will recover and what after-effects I could be left with. 

“Meningitis caused me to have weakness in my left arm and my left leg. I’m awaiting physio to help gain strength again. But each day I’m seeing slight progress.”

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