Tiana's story

16th March 2017

When Samantha’s two-week-old daughter Tiana wouldn’t take a feed she was a bit worried. However, when she became unsettled and started going floppy, Samantha from Badersfield in Norfolk, became increasingly concerned.


When Tiana woke up in the morning she was very pale and wouldn’t take a feed.  As the day went on she was unsettled and started going floppy, so we took her to the walk in centre where she saw a doctor.

The doctor was worried due to her not regaining her birth weight, so he called the hospital to tell them he was sending us up there.  We got in the car and rushed straight there.

Started fitting

By the time we got to the hospital Tiana started fitting and all the doctors rushed to treat her, doing lots of tests to find out what was wrong with her. 

We were so worried we thought we were going to lose her.  The next day, after a long night, they told us Tiana had meningitis and she was critically ill. They continued to give her antibiotics and after five days in the hospital the doctors were pleased that Tiana was responding, and her infection had started dropping.

We took Tiana home but continued to go back to the hospital twice a day for her to have antibiotics as she needed to have them for two weeks.  At the end of the two weeks Tiana’s infection level was back to normal and they did a scan to check that the spinal fluid had gone from around her brain, which it had.

Tiana was discharged from hospital and just had to return for a hearing test and a six month development check-up, so the worry was over for us.

We returned for the hearing test and were so lucky to be told the great news that her hearing was fine.

So proud of her

As the months have passed, Tiana has done so well with her development; learning to roll over, then sit up.  We returned to the hospital for her check-up, and she was discharged as the doctor was happy with her development. At this point we felt so proud of her.

Tiana is now 14 months-old and is walking and talking. Each day we look at her and can't believe how lucky we are that considering how poorly she was in hospital, so far she has had no problems from it.

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