18 to 24 May is Action for Brain Injury Week

15th May 2015

We’re supporting the week to help draw attention to the fact that meningitis and septicaemia can be the cause of acquired brain injury

Brain injury week

The annual awareness week, organised by charity Headway, aims to educate people on the effects of acquired brain injury and increase support for people and their families who live with the condition.

Both meningitis and septicaemia can cause acquired brain injury. This is injury to the brain that has happened after birth. As the brain takes over 20 years to fully develop a child or young adult who has had meningitis or septicaemia can have the development of their brain affected.

Any effect may not be apparent immediately after the illness; it may take months or even years to be identified.

Sue Davie, our chief executive, said: “Action for Brain Injury Week is an opportunity to remind people of the devastating, often long-term, impact of meningitis.

“We are appealing to anyone struggling with the burden of a serious illness to seek help. We offer a wide variety of services to individuals and families affected by meningitis.”

Loss of memory, poor concentration, tiredness and headaches are common after-effects of meningitis, which can have a lifelong impact on a child or adult.

We’re the only organisation in the UK that is focused on support after meningitis. Every year we help around 20,000 people through our range of professional support services.

This year for Brain Injury Awareness Week we’re urging people to be aware of these services and the support available to you.

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