Meningitis Now staff member Rachel Oakley

Amy's marathon in a month after mum's bacterial meningitis experience

Rachel Oakley | 30th September 2020

In 2015, Amy’s mother was hospitalised with bacterial meningitis. Luckily, she pulled through, but not without experiencing a number of after-effects

Amy Devine's Marathon Month after mother's bacterial meningitis

31-year-old Amy, from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, has been a supporter of Meningitis Now since finding out about us during her mum’s hospital stay, taking part in our Five Valleys Walk in 2016 and helping to raise money and awareness over the years. This summer, she tackled one of our virtual pack events to raise more vital funds.

Amy tells us more.

“In August this year, I decided I wanted to try and do my bit for the fantastic Meningitis Now by completing a sponsored Marathon Month. Alongside all the other amazing work Meningitis Now does, it felt right to try and contribute! 

“The charity is close to all my family’s heart as in 2015 we almost lost my mom to bacterial meningitis. Initially, recovering from meningitis is only the beginning - my mom’s and our world changed forever during the December of that year. 

“Meningitis Now has always given - and continues to give - my mom a sense of feeling that she is not alone throughout what has been a tough adaptation for her these last few years.”

Raising funds was a pleasure

So, from the middle of August this year, Amy chipped away at the 26.2 miles, walking along some beautiful scenic stretches of beach and valley, and completed the distance on 9 September.

“The support I got from family and friends was amazing and we managed to reach my target goal of £200 with a little more on top.

“Walking 26.2 miles over a month and raising funds was a pleasure for this amazing charity, and good for me too!”

Sign up for your own Marathon Month here.

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