Meningitis Now staff member Clara Wiggins

Ice hockey star Anthony Booth receives funding support from Meningitis Now

Clara Wiggins | 14th September 2019

Ice hockey star Anthony Booth could be skating his way to the world championships in Berlin – with a bit of help from Meningitis Now’s Rebuilding Futures Fund

Ice hockey star Anthony Booth receives funding support from Meningitis Now

Anthony relies on his car to get around after having both his legs amputated when he contracted meningitis as a child. But he needed a vehicle big enough to fit his sports equipment in – and a bigger car meant a bigger deposit. 

This is where we stepped in and were delighted to be able to provide him with the funds he needed to put down the deposit, and get himself, his ice hockey kit AND his supportive family to games and practice.

Now he is hoping that all the hard work he is putting in to training will pay off as he’s been given a place in the World Para Ice Hockey Championships in Berlin this November – as long as he can raise the funds to get him there.

Anthony, who currently plays for the Manchester Mayhem Para ice hockey team at club level training at the Widnes ice rink, said Team GB was in a group with Slovakia, Russia, Poland, Germany and China – with the top two teams progressing through to the next round.

This, he added, could see them on the path to qualifying for the Winter Paralympics Games in Beijing in 2022. 

Most would give up

“I am a double amputee as a consequence of losing both my legs due to meningococcal septicaemia at the age of nine years old,” he said.

“When something so drastic occurs, most would give up – but I’ve turned to sport and this has helped me so much."

“This is why I am so glad that Meningitis Now has been able to help me get a car big enough to transport all my equipment – without that I wouldn’t be able to train and wouldn’t be able to even dream about getting to the world champs in Berlin."

“As it is, I know I have the ability but now all I need is to raise the money to get me there so anything anyone can donate would be very welcome!”

Ice hockey star Anthony Booth receives funding support from Meningitis Now

Perfect example

Meningitis Now’s Support Services Manager Cheryl Brown, who heads up the Rebuilding Futures Fund, said they were thrilled to be able to help Anthony in this way.

“Although we can only contribute in this small way, it’s lovely to hear how much difference it can make to him in an area of his life which is obviously incredibly important."

“Something like playing sport can be absolutely vital to people living with the impact of meningitis and this is a perfect example of this."

“Now we’re all willing him on to get to the World Championships in Berlin later this year – it would be the perfect reward for all the hard work we know he’s put in to his training."

“Good luck Anthony – Meningitis Now is behind you all the way!”

Anthony’s award was made under the Specialist Equipment category of our Rebuilding Futures Fund. There are three other categories applicants can apply to – including Health and Wellbeing, Bereavement, and Opportunities. To find out more please visit our Rebuilding Futures Fund web pages

You can support Anthony and help him reach the world championships in Berlin by donating to his GoFundMe page.

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