Appealing for your support

9th March 2015

Young Thomas is the face of our spring appeal this year. The lives of Thomas, and his mum and dad Emily and Andy, were turned upside down in April 2013, when he was diagnosed with meningitis


Thomas was just eight months old, and his family feared the worst.

But Thomas proved to be a fighter and after long weeks in hospital and many months recovering he started to interact again. But his parents knew something had changed.

They hoped for a miracle when his hearing tests were done but it was not to be. Not only had Thomas’s hearing been damaged, he’d lost the lot.

That’s where we came in.

Learning sign language

We supported the family through the whole experience, helping them to find out what options were available and make the right decisions. We also funded their British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 course, so they could learn sign language alongside Thomas.

Andy told us: “Being able to communicate as a family means the world to us, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Meningitis Now and the generosity of your supporters.” 

Two years on, Thomas is doing well. He has taken well to his cochlear implants and they are a roaring success. He’s making huge progress with his speech and exceeding all expectations.

Andy added: “Hearing his little voice as he babbles away is just the most precious thing. The moment he first called me ‘Daddy’ will stay with me forever.

“We’re so grateful to everybody who enabled this to happen.”

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Meningitis Now and the generosity of your supporters.”
The difference your support makes

Your support makes sure children like Thomas don’t miss out.

  • £10 – could help pay for swimming lessons, giving a child with physical after-effects the chance to be active again.
  • £25 – could help pay for a family, like ours, to attend a sigh language lesson and learn to communicate again as a family.
  • £50 – could help pay for a sensory toy for a child left with developmental needs.

Whatever you’re able to give will help save lives and rebuild futures. Please donate today.

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