Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Meningitis survivor Archie plays the Easter bunny

Andy Hopkinson | 21st April 2022

Word has reached us from the North-West of a lovely story about a meningitis survivor that’s egg-zactly what you want to hear for Easter week

Wigan meningitis survivor Archie donates Easter eggs

Image credit: Wigan Today

Nine-year-old Wigan schoolboy, Archie Musgrave, collected dozens of Easter eggs to deliver to children spending Easter in hospital at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Archie chose to play the Easter Bunny because four years ago he had to be rushed to hospital and spend his Easter there, when he became ill with MenB meningitis and septicaemia, aged just 5.

Archie spent four days in an induced coma, but pulled through, although the disease has left him with ongoing after-effects, including sometimes needing to use a wheelchair.

Proud mum Kate told the Wigan Today newspaper that everyone in the local community knows Archie and they have donated hundreds of eggs over the years.

Wigan meningitis survivor Archie donates Easter eggs

Archie with just some of the donated Easter eggs. Image credit Wigan Today

She added: “He does this because he was in hospital over Easter and we couldn’t leave the isolation room at the time.

“Archie had eggs donated to him and it put a smile on his face.

“Last year, we couldn’t go in (to the hospital) because of Covid but this time we’ll be allowed back in with the Easter eggs.”

Well done Archie – egg-cellent work!