Awareness trailer makes an appearance in Gretna

9th December 2015

Our awareness trailer put in an appearance at Gretna Gateway Outlet Village this week to help promote meningitis awareness


Our founder, Steve Dayman, was joined by Phil Cook, a bereaved Carlisle father, and Neil Irving from the Outlet Village, who are long-term supporters of our work.

Phil lost his two-month-old daughter, Caroline, to meningococcal meningitis in 1982.

He said: “Caroline became unusually drowsy and unresponsive. She was so young – she couldn’t tell us anything. She was sleepy and we struggled to wake her – she wouldn’t even wake for feeds. When she started rolling her eyes we knew something was seriously wrong and rushed her to hospital. Caroline was diagnosed with Men B and after fighting for her life, she passed away just four days later."

You never think it will happen

“Knowing the signs and symptoms of meningitis is so important – not everyone will develop the rash that most people seem to associate with meningitis, or if they do, it often appears late."

“Meningitis can also affect any age group - you never think it’ll happen to you, but it can.”

The awareness trailer is at Gretna for the week and volunteers will hand out free lifesaving symptoms and fundraising information.

The Gretna Gateway Outlet has helped raise thousands of pounds for us by placing our collection boxes throughout the Village.

Steve said: “Phil’s experiences tragically highlight just how devastating meningitis can be and the speed at which it can strike."

“We want to eradicate meningitis, but until vaccines exist for all types – awareness and knowing the signs are crucial. The trailer tour is a great way to spread this lifesaving message, so we hope people come down.”

Meningitis signs and symptoms emoji - confusion

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