Baking on a budget

25th November 2018

Want to learn how to make your cakes rise? How to whip up a special Christmas meal? Or even just how to cook on a budget? Then this day could be for you

Believe & Achieve cooking workshop

Following the success of our special social media day last month, we’re running another event for Believe & Achieve – and this time it’s all about cooking.

For the event on December 1, we’ve booked the Harborne Food School in Birmingham and as before the day is totally free to attend for anyone aged between 14 and 25 who has ever been impacted by meningitis. We will also provide lunch and pay travel expenses. 

As well as the focus on cooking, the day will include a session with Believe & Achieve Business Skills Mentor and ex Meningitis Now CEO, Sue Davie. Sue will be leading a session on budgeting, which will help anyone going to university, moving away from home, or even just buying Christmas presents. 

We also know from feedback after earlier Believe & Achieve events that these days aren’t just a great way to pick up practical skills – they’re also a brilliant way to connect with others who understand what you’ve been through and to build yourself a new support group of peers.

Becky Hartwell, Believe & Achieve Programme Coordinator at Meningitis Now, said: "This fun event will be a great way for young people who have been affected by meningitis to gain some new skills at the same time as meeting others who have also been impacted by the disease. Whether you’ve ever watched Bake Off and wished your cakes would rise higher or are sweating under the pressure of cooking for friends this festive season, this day is for you.”

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