Become a Futures Builder

4th June 2015

This week is national volunteers’ week and we are launching our new volunteer recognition programme. It recognises and thanks the hard work of all our volunteers who give up their time to help us save lives and rebuild futures

Volunteer week Thursday
Through the programme we will be delivering training for our volunteers and creating a special ‘thank you’ page on our website, in addition to our usual thanks.

We have been listening to our supporters and many of you have expressed an interest in being part of a community group that can support each other to raise funds and awareness for us. Therefore, we are creating Rebuilding Futures communities. We will be inviting supporters to become a ‘Futures Builder’ and help us to create local groups.

Whether you are a fundraiser, volunteer, an avid post sharer on social media or you have shared your meningitis story, you are a Futures Builder.

Our volunteer team will be inviting each of you to join together with supporters in your local area and form your local Rebuilding Futures community. Here is your opportunity to join together, encouraging one another to share ideas, take up new challenges and raise vital funds and awareness.

Our Community Support Team, Fundraising Officers and Volunteer Development Team will be on hand for any support you need. This could be anything from giving awareness talks to holding street collections.  

Becoming a member of one of our Rebuilding Futures communities means that you can help our voice be louder and spread our message further.

To get involved, please contact our Volunteer Development Team on 01453 769079 / 0345 340 2458 or email