The Beep Beep update

26th March 2019

Rachel Malic is one of the driving forces behind a nationwide fundraiser and awareness-raising road trip – The Beep Beep Tour. Here she outlines why they are supporting us

Beep Beep Tour fundraising event blog

"Shortly after losing their son Reggie, the founder of Meningitis Now, Steve Dayman, turned up on Chantal and Adam’s doorstep to give them his personal support."

"Steve lost his son Spencer to meningitis back in 1982. Back then he had never heard of the disease, there was hardly any information available and no vaccinations to speak of. A young man at the time, he scoured the obituary sections of the newspapers, looking for other mentions in the hope of trying to understand more, and find a way to make sense of the heartbreaking shock that his family was dealing with."

"Fast forward 35 years and Steve is now Executive Founder of Meningitis Now, the charity he went on to found in the aftermath of Spencer's death, which has now raised over £12 million for research in to prevention and treatment, along with raising awareness about the symptoms."

Helping those affected

"And of course there's helping those affected in the aftermath, just as he did for Chantal and Adam."

"Meningitis Now is on a mission to create a future where no one in the UK loses their life to the disease, and the Beep Beep Tour drivers will be fundraising for them as they race across the country this April. Chantal and Adam have found sponsors to pay for the costs of putting on the rally so every single penny that the drivers raise will go to Meningitis Now."

"Things have moved on since 1982, and advances in research and prevention mean that the number of cases is in decline. But still every day in the UK there are an estimated 22 new cases, and too much death and disability as a result."

Please donate now

"Please donate now so that Steve can turn up on the doorstep with some words of hope and positivity to help the next family left devastated by the disease."

Read more about The Beep Beep Tour here or visit the website at You can help each team reach their fundraising target of £1,000 on the online donation page at

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