Book inspired by meningitis experience

23rd September 2015

‘The Assignments’, written by Pastor Phillip Omodeni, was inspired by his son, Timothy, when he contracted bacterial meningitis in February last year as an undergraduate student in Loughborough

Pastor Phillip

“Timothy was studying at Loughborough University when he was seriously ill and admitted into the hospital. We, his parents, were abroad visiting family and friends when we received a call to say that Timothy had been rushed into hospital."

“He was diagnosed as having bacterial meningitis and was in a coma for almost a week. The doctors were negative about recovery and very discouraging. We stood in prayer and applied out faith believing that this was an assignment for God. Our son was restored unscratched. Praise God.”

Pastor Phillip Omodeni

The book is written to inspire those who have been affected by meningitis to have faith and encourage them not to give up.

“For families facing such difficulties, we want to encourage them to stand in faith and, as a family and as a pastor, we will pray along with any family going through such an ordeal.”

Pastor Phillip Omodeni

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