Bridge crossing fundraiser

20th May 2018

Mairi Warren from East Kilbride, near Glasgow, was lucky enough to win a money-can’t-buy experience last year, and kindly used the opportunity to fundraise for Meningitis Now


“Last summer I noticed a ballot being posted on Facebook that caught my eye – to win a place on the Queensferry Crossing Experience, walking across the new bridge prior to it opening to public traffic.”

“The chance to walk the 1.7-mile bridge was described as a "once in a lifetime experience" as it has no pedestrian walkway.”

“Always up for something different, I applied for my husband Lenny and I to do it, saying to him at the time that if we did get a place, it might be an idea to use it as an opportunity to fundraise for charity.”

“We didn’t get a place in the first round, but we struck it lucky the second time – woohoo!”

“We already knew our charity of choice would be Meningitis Now after the support the charity had provided to a friend of ours after she sadly lost her husband to the illness.”

“The walk on 2 September was great fun! There were so many different people to chat to as we walked across the bridge towards the Kingdom of Fife, and the weather was certainly kind to us.”

“Lenny and I were delighted to be able to do something to support the work of Meningitis Now and raised almost £1,000 with the help of our fantastic family and friends.”