Butterflies and Wrens fight meningitis

3rd June 2018

A prolific author and storyteller has had his second book published and has again pledged that any profits will support our lifesaving and life-changing work

Butterflies and wrens

Robert Smith’s new novel, Butterflies and Wrens, tells the rollercoaster ride of growing up as experienced by the lead character.

“It will make you laugh, and maybe cry a little too,” Robert said. “Younger readers will learn things and more senior readers will be reminded about some of the stuff they may have forgotten along the way.”

Butterflies and Wrens is suitable for children of 9 years and above.

Good value

“With over 300,000 words, it’s actually three books in one - so is good value if you’re bargain-hunting - at £19.99 for the paperback and £3.99 for the eBook,” Robert added. “And you don’t have to read the first book to understand the second, so that’s a bonus too."

“I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.”

Butterflies and Wrens can be ordered online at www.bunnyrabbitstories.com/second-book-butterflies-and-wrens

Grandfather Robert, from Norwich, turned to writing after rediscovering tapes of his father telling tales of the adventures of a rabbit family living in nearby woods. He lovingly brought these up to date and back to life and published them as a series of short stories for children as My Bunny Rabbit Adventures.

Dedicated to grandchildren

My Bunny Rabbit Adventures was dedicated to Robert’s four grandchildren – six-year-old Millie, three-year-old Tia, one-year-old Archie, and Freddy, the grandson who died of meningitis aged just 18 months in 2014.

“He had been a healthy little boy who had learned to walk and was saying his first words,” Robert said.

But when he fell ill, meningitis was not immediately diagnosed.

“The 12-hour period lost until he was readmitted as an emergency was catastrophic,” Robert said. “His life support was turned off just 24 hours later."

“Antibiotics kill the disease and would have saved him, but they must be given early, which sadly for my grandson was not the case."

The very worst thing

“The preventable loss of a child or grandchild is the very worst thing that can happen to a parent or grandparent. In the 21st century, death shouldn’t happen because of an infection. But it does, and it is awful and terrible.” 

As a result, Robert wanted to do something to help prevent a reoccurrence, if only to save one child and their family from having to go through what his family has had to endure. Which is why he’s so generously donating any profits from his publishing towards our ongoing work to beat this devastating disease.

“Please share the news of my second book and let’s see if we can generate some support and funding for this hugely good cause,” Robert added.

Read more about My Bunny Rabbit Adventures.

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