Calling all would be volunteers

27th January 2015

Be part of our big bold future

Do you wish to help out at a fundraising or awareness event near you?

Do you want to find an activity all the family can help with? A lot of our roles can include the whole family, such as street collections, supermarket bag packs or cheering at local or national events, like the London Marathon…what better way to spend some time together.

We have really fabulous volunteers but we need lots more to sign up and become part of our volunteering family, so we can be part of lots of events across the UK.

There are several ways of keeping abreast of what’s going on with volunteering:

  • If you are already registered with us as a volunteer, we will contact you about roles near to you and ask if you wish to be involved
  • Go to our Opportunities Board where all volunteering opportunities will be advertised. If you see something you wish to do or be involved with, then fill in the simple form and we will be in touch
  • Keep in touch with Facebook – we have a Volunteers Facebook page where we will be making regular ‘asks’ and promoting our brand new feature of ‘Volunteer Opportunity of the Month’. Become a friend and get updates on your wall.
What’s been happening?

Our volunteers have been up to a variety of things recently, including a street collection in Edinburgh and bucket collections at York and Leeds train stations.

Lesley Tanton, one of our Community Ambassadors, raised a whopping £1097 when she organised a Santa Run on 7 December. Over 250 Santas took part. Races included ½ and 1 mile children races and a 5-mile road race.

Our Community Ambassadors and volunteers have been spreading the word about the signs and symptoms, and the effects of meningitis with radio interviews and talks to nursery groups, professionals and anyone who will listen, along with getting our awareness materials into GP surgeries, nurseries and schools. Sign up on here if this is something you would like to do.

We have had a flurry of volunteers taking on the Collection Tin Co-ordinator role. This is a vital role for us and will be our very first featured ‘Volunteer Opportunity of the Month’ in February. There is more information here.

So if this has inspired you to join us, then fill in this form or contact us on the details below to become part of our volunteer family.

Tammy O’Neill (Volunteer Officer) call 0345 340 2458 email