Carers Rights Day

19th November 2015

The value of unpaid care given to friends and family was £132 billion in 2015* and every year, £843 million worth of benefits go unclaimed by carers who don’t realise they are entitled to them

Carer's day letterbox
With two million new carers yearly, it’s not surprising that many struggle to navigate the maze of services and entitlements, and miss out on financial and practical support as a result. Some of these may well be caring for family members fighting back from meningitis, of course.

Being a carer comes with huge responsibilities – people often give up their jobs and many enjoyable aspects of their lives to look after a friend, relative or neighbour. It’s an ultimate act of human kindness, but often carers are so rushed off their feet they can overlook their own physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Each year Carers Rights Day – 20 November this year – aims to draw attention to the roles carers play and highlight their entitlement to help and support. Having the right information at the right time can make a huge difference when you are looking after someone.

Carers Rights Day sees the launch of the latest edition of the Carers Rights Guide, which provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to the practical and financial support available for carers.

If that’s you then it’s worth a look. There’s also lots of help, advice and tips on the Carers UK website – have a look here

* See the Carers UK website,