Celebrating the role of groups

5th June 2015

This week we have been celebrating the hard work of our volunteers and today we recognise three unique groups 

Volunteer week Friday
Scientific Medical Advisory Panel

More accustomed to looking down a microscope than at a symptoms card, our Scientific Medical Advisory Panel turns our research programme from a dream into reality. 

Our panel consists of 12 volunteers, all leading experts in their field, who have conducted world class research of their own. Their expertise varies from immunology, to vaccine development and genetics. 

Meeting on an annual basis, these volunteers review all research grant applications ensuring they comply with our research strategy. This ensures that we only fund relevant, cost-effective research that is essential in our fight against meningitis.

Rhiannon Conner, Research, Information and Support Officer, said:

“Our Scientific Medical Advisory Panel give their incredibly valuable time and expertise for free. Without them we simply couldn’t work towards our goal where no one loses their life to meningitis.”

The panel don’t just stop at recommendations. Chairperson, Dr Myron Christodoulides, provides advice and reviews the progress of ongoing research projects to be sure all our goals are reached.

“We want to say thank you to Myron and the rest of his team. Their voluntary support, advice and expertise mean that every penny we spend on research is a penny that couldn’t have been better spent elsewhere. Their dedication to our cause is commendable.”

Rhiannon Connor, Meningitis Now Research, Information and Support Officer

You can find out more about our Scientific Medical Advisory Panel here 


Supporting the development of the charity, and ensuring we are doing the best we can, are our Trustees. They bring skills and experience to meetings, and give even more of their time volunteering at events and taking part in fundraising activities such as treks, bike rides and walks.

“We are really fortunate to have such a committed group of volunteers as our Trustees” 

Sue Davie, Meningitis Now CEO

Corporate Skill Sharers

Last, but by no means least, are the people who have volunteered their time to share their corporate skills. They range from directors to administration staff, and scientists to those working in finance. Their input has helped us create working proposals, moving the charity forwards in ways we never could have imagined without their contribution.

Want to become a volunteer? See our current opportunities here