Meningitis Now staff member Harvey Isaac

Cerebral palsy, swimming and Splash Now

Harvey Isaac | 28th February 2020

Our Community Fundraising Assistant Harvey tells us why our Splash Now fundraiser holds a special significance for him

Meningitis Now Community Fundraiser Harvey endorses Splash Now event

My name is Harvey and I am a new member of the team here at Meningitis Now. One of my main responsibilities is working on our hugely successful Splash Now campaign. 

Meningitis Now is proud to have teamed up with the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) for yet another year. As somebody who lives with cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, swimming is a sport which has given me great freedom and enjoyment and is something which I believe will appeal to those living with meningitis. 

Using different muscles

When I am in the water I feel as though I can use a different set of muscles that are otherwise not being used because of my gait. I’m sure many of you who have had a meningitis experience can feel the same way too. 

Being in water gives me a sense of weightlessness, which is not possible through other sports. As I swim, I can flexibly choose how much strain to put on my legs. 

In my experience swimming is a very inclusive sport that allows for a variety of body shapes and sizes, which is what makes it so attractive to me.

Given that we are just months away from the Paralympic Games, this is a perfect opportunity to get involved in sport and a charity helping those with life-changing after-effects.

Get involved in Splash Now

Everyone at Meningitis Now would love all swimming teachers to get involved in Splash Now, no matter what your class’s abilities. Splash Now is a fantastic way for people to have fun, raise awareness of meningitis and improve their swimming ability.

Splash Now is all about showing young children that swimming is not all about lengths and distance badges; but more about playing games, having fun and making a splash in the water!

Too often language surrounding disability uses words and phrases such as despite and ‘even though’. I found these words to have unwanted connotations. The aim of Meningitis Now is to see achievement equally irrespective of ability, looking beyond disability. This includes any mental or physical after-effects of meningitis.  

So go on, make a splash and raise awareness for a fantastic cause; visit our Splash Now pages to get started.

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