Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Celt and Eban's 100km charity challenge

Andy Hopkinson | 18th March 2021

Bored and frustrated at the lack of opportunity to play outdoors during February lockdown, good friends Celt and Eban set themselves a charity fundraising challenge to keep fit

Charity fundraising challenge helps Celt and Eban keep fit

Celt, 10 and Eban, 9, live either side of the large Victoria Park in Cardiff and decided to keep active by running five kilometres around the park every day Monday to Friday and building this up to a total of 100 kilometres over the month.  

As people began to notice them the thought of raising money for charity – including for our ongoing lifesaving and life-changing work – was born.

Bored and frustrated

Celt’s mum, Laura, told us: “The boys initially were really bored and feeling frustrated at the lack of football, rugby, swimming and generally being outdoors with friends – they are both very active boys. 

“So, they set themselves a 100k challenge during the month of February. This meant running 5k a day Monday to Friday.

“They would meet at 9am at the ice cream shop in the middle of the park and run with their Fitbit – it was about five times around the park. 

Made £100 in a day

“People started to notice them running and asked what they were raising money for. That’s where the thought of the charity challenge came from. They set an initial target of £100, which they made in a day!

“They then planned on raising £1,000 for their chosen charities - Meningitis Now and The Rookery Care Home – and ended up totalling an amazing £2,060!

“Occasionally friends from the Welsh school Ysgol Treganna they attend would join their run,” Laura added. “By the end the BBC came to watch them for their final week and the Welsh channel S4C. This gave a real boost to their donations. And quite a few came to watch them complete the final 5k.”

Eban decided to give his half to an adults' care home called The Rookery Care Home in Newcastle Emlyn, where his uncle resides. They will be using the money to help with a sensory area. 

Contracted meningitis twice

Laura added: “Celt decided to raise money for Meningitis Now because his cousin Charlie contracted meningitis twice – once when he was a few days old and again when he was 5. On top of this his uncle, my brother, also contracted meningitis five years ago at the age of 32 (we always associate meningitis with children!).   

“We are lucky that both of them have made an excellent recovery by now.”

Leah Wynn, our Fundraising Officer, said: “What a brilliant effort by Eban and Celt and we’re so grateful for their support and the awareness they’ve raised. Their efforts will help those who are at risk of meningitis as well as those whose lives have been affected by it. I hope they’re enjoying being back at school and staying active. 

“We’re pleased too to hear that Celt’s cousin and uncle both made good recoveries from the disease – their stories illustrate only too well that meningitis can strike anyone at any time.”