Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Charlotte and Elsie's marathon walk to fight meningitis

Andy Hopkinson | 6th February 2021

Primary school teacher Charlotte and her daughter Elsie are taking on a marathon walk to help fight back against meningitis

Charlotte and Elsie's marathon walk to fight meningitis

Charlotte, 31, who teaches at St Ronan’s Primary School, and Elsie, 7, will be completing local walks in and around Innerleithen, in the Scottish Borders where they live, spread throughout the month of February.

“I am supporting Meningitis Now as I had meningitis myself when I was a toddler,” Charlotte told us. 

“I know that many families are affected by it and although medicine and vaccinations have come a long way since my having it, not everyone recognises the symptoms and catching it early is the most vital thing in order to minimise the devastating effects it can have.

“I had meningitis type B when I was two years old. 

“My aunt recognised the symptoms quickly as she was a nurse. I was taken to the Borders General Hospital and treated there.

“I was very lucky as it was caught quickly so although I was very ill and had some temporary hearing loss and sight difficulties, I made a full recovery with the support of the medical staff at the BGH.”

Well on the way

It’s not the first fundraising effort Charlotte has carried out on our behalf. She’s already raised nearly £550 through a sky dive.

Charlotte and Elsie hope to raise £250 from the walks and are already well on the way to reaching their target. You can support their efforts on their JustGiving page here - Charlotte and Elsie's Marathon Month.

Thank you for your support Charlotte and Elsie and we hope you enjoy your walks!