Cheque-ing in with Wellington School

1st July 2015

When Debbie McKinnon, our Regional Support Officer in Scotland, popped along to Wellington School to pick up a cheque she was unprepared for the amazing effort the sixth year had made

Wellington school

“When Jo Wilson, our Regional Fundraising Officer, asked me to go and pick up a cheque from Wellington School in Ayr, I was really excited!"

“I pictured myself beside the sea having a lovely day and getting to meet some lovely new people – fabulous!"

“I arrived at the school and was met by Mrs McMahon, who supported the sixth year in their fundraising endeavours. Over a cup of tea (yes, I know I have a tea issue) we chatted about the fundraising events that had been held over the school year from October 2014 - I have to admit the charity calendar was my favourite thing ever!"

“From movies such as Braveheart and Titanic the youngsters had set up the most hilarious photos for every month. How they managed to convince all the teachers to dress as Mel Gibson is beyond me, but they looked just amazing in full on blue and white face paints!"

“After a cuppa I met the head boy and girl Martin and Rosalyn and we headed to the hall for the presentation. Martin and Rosalyn spoke about the various ways the money had been raised. Dress down days, cake and candy stalls, golf challenges, toddle walks and so many other activities, I wondered how the had found the time to study."

“I was then handed a very, very large cheque and ... I burst into tears."

“These 40 young adults had raised £27,361.49. Yes, you read that right. Over 27 THOUSAND POUNDS!"

“Through a broken, lump in my throat voice, I explained to these wonderful young adults how much that money means to us. I shared some stories with them about some of the people we have helped in the past. Needless to say at the end of my talk there wasn't a dry eye in the house. And yes. I did definitely say £27,361.49!"

“To say I am humbled and privileged to have met these amazing people, teachers, admin staff and pupils, doesn't quite cover it. I am sadly not articulate enough (I've run out of adjectives) to express my admiration at their compassion, generosity and sheer bloody mindedness in raising this phenomenal amount."

“Not many of us would wade into the freezing cold waters off Ayr to portray the movie Titanic in January as they did. It truly was the most special day and I thank them with all my heart.” 

Debbie McKinnon, Regional Support Officer

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