In Cheryl's memory

9th April 2018

Little Xavier Veasey loves to ride his bike

Xavier blog

And he’s putting that enthusiasm to good use by taking on a 100 mile bike ride challenge for us (not all at once you understand - he is only 7 after all).

“When his daddy Jonathan was his age he lost his little sister to meningitis,” mum Charlotte explained. “Her name was Cheryl Nadine and she was just 3 years old.”

The family has never forgotten her and think about her every day. Although Xavier never met her she still feels part of the family and he misses her.

“So,” Charlotte added, “Xavier’s set himself the challenge of riding 100 miles on his bike by the end of the year in Cheryl’s memory. He hopes to raise £1 for each mile.

“The miles will be made up from lots of bike rides and his dad will be riding with him.”

“What a little star Xavier is,” our Community Fundraising Assistant Sophia Lanciano said. “His efforts are a real tribute to Cheryl’s memory and will raise valuable awareness and funds to fight this devastating disease – thank you Xavier.”

If you want to support Xavier’s efforts, have a look at his JustGiving page