Community Matters

27th April 2015

Supermarkets across the UK are becoming the centres of their communities with the increasing number of facilities they have on offer


Now they want to give something back to their local areas.

Each chain is slightly different, such as ‘Community Champions’ at Tesco and ‘Community Matters’ in Waitrose – but one thing is for certain, and each is finding their own way to support local causes and charities put forward by those who live in the community.

Johari and her mother Lynette, felt so strongly about our cause here at Meningitis Now that they decided to hand in an application to be part of the token scheme they run at Waitrose. The scheme sees each Waitrose shop across the country donating £1,000 to 3 chosen charities each month. We are delighted to announce that Johari’s application was successful, and her and her mother went to receive a cheque for £230 from Waitrose. 

This is fantastic news for us as not only have we received the kind grant from Waitrose, but it means that our name and our mission has been displayed in Waitrose over the past month encouraging people to vote for us – getting our name and awareness of our cause out and about in Johari’s local community.

We would love for more of our supporters and volunteers across the country to get their local supermarkets involved in similar ways and, if you’re interested, all it takes is filling out a short application! You can find out more about the schemes that Asda and Waitrose have on offer by clicking the links. So what’s stopping you- go out and prove that meningitis matters in your community too.

Find out more about volunteering for us here