Corporate volunteering

7th June 2016

Where to start?  In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Harry the corporate fundraiser for Meningitis Now.  I have been asked to write a small piece for Volunteers’ Week 2016

Volunteer week six

You probably know that as a charity we are dependent on donations, as we receive no government funding.

This also means that companies support us through donations of their services, saving us much needed funds that we can spend instead on vital research, support services and raising awareness.

What have our fantastic corporate volunteers been up to? 

Here are just some of our corporate volunteers and how they have helped us.

Nat West

Nat West volunteers have done so much for Meningitis Now this year. They have provided staff at our annual Christmas concert, manned a check point at our annual Five Valleys Walk and when we needed to send out a large mailing, they sent volunteers to help.

Irwin Mitchell / Leigh Day / Foot Anstey

Representatives from Irwin Mitchell, Leigh Day and Foot Anstey met with us recently and offered in-depth advice on our strategic aims, helping us to evaluate our work and put plans in place for the future. They are also helping us engage with students, who are one of the most at-risk groups to contract meningitis, and offer fantastic recruitment opportunities on campus.

Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery are kindly volunteering at our next Five Valleys Walk, and what’s more they are donating their gorgeous ale to distribute to walkers!

Download our guide and find out about corporate volunteering opportunities 

These are just some of the fantastic organisations who have supported us over the last year. If you have any questions about company fundraising, volunteering and how your place of work can support Meningitis Now, please get in touch. Harry Gardner, Corporate Fundraiser

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